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Hi I'm Caroline and I want to help you Move More, Feel Better and Have fun!
  Finding an exercise program that gets you the results you want and maintains your interest is a tough call.  Generally we won't stick to something we don't enjoy.  All my classes have an emphasis on the fun factor so you don't notice how hard you might be working and you are more likely to return.  I aim to provide a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where we all have a common interest...to get fitter and enjoy doing it! No judgement and no egos allowed! 
CAshFitness offer a range of classes from Dance Fitness to Cardio Combat, Conditioning to Circuits plus Trigger Point Pilates. Click on the CLASSES button to find out more.
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What our clients say...

"Caroline is a bundle of energy and this comes across loud and clear in her fab and fun classes. I love Clubbercise and can't wait to get going, it's more like a night out than an exercise class!" - Nicola 

"Caroline makes exercising so much fun, she is always so enthusiastic and an all round great instructor! The routines at clubbercise are to such a great variety of music and are mixed and matched each week to keep it exciting. Would fully recommend her classes!" - Lucy 

"Pound is brilliant... An all over body workout! You wouldn't believe the variety of things you can do with just two drum sticks! I was aching all over afterwards, but hadn't even realised I was working that hard!
And clubbercise... What can I say?? I LOVE it.. The music is amazing, and the routines are fun and easy to follow! Too much fun to be good for you! I absolutely love glowing!
Caroline  is an amazing dancer, and full of energy and enthusiasm! This is completely contagious!!! I would highly recommend pound and clubbercise to anyone that wants to get fitter, have fun and make new friends." - Emme 

"Have been running all my life and have avoided Pilates as being an added extra. My wife booked me on a taster and I went along to Trigger point Pilates as it is billed to be good for runners. I have not only really enjoyed the classes but it has really helped with stiff hips and back. Thank you Caroline. Would recommend to all runners! - Warwick 

"Following back surgery and on-going aches and pains, I tried Trigger point Pilates  and was hooked after first session. I was fearful of yoga - as thought it may be too strenuous for my back. TPP sounded like the very thing to try...
My friend suggested I try it out, knowing I was not one for gyms - it's an intimate session and Caroline tunes in to everyone's particular needs and will offer simple exercises to improve the body. 
It's fun, hugely relaxing and the after effects have proven to be hugely positive. 
The routines are simple and easy to remember - such is that I now take my spiky balls everywhere!!" - Tim 

" Limitless is an Excellent class.....felt like I had an hour with a personal trainer but with other people there to help push me along & without the heavy price that comes with seeing a personal trainer! Nick & Caroline really know how to get the best out of us!" - Lauren 

"Limitless is a fantastic class providing a great and varied workout. Nick and Caroline were very attentive, making sure that everyone was making the correct movements for each individual exercise which really helped. They also ensured everyone stayed motivated and added some good humour throughout. Would highly recommend it to anyone looking to get fit or maintain their fitness.

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